Words in different delivery systems

Refer your friends, 50 Word Stories, (2020)

Curiosity, Bull, (2020)

Marriage, Alba, (2020)

So long, 50 Word Stories, (2020)

Kindness of strangers
Empty truck at the nursery
Steering wheels are removable
Somethin’ something new, New World Writing (2020)

Say the words. (June 2020 Blog Post)

The gamble of Route 93, Blink-Ink, (2020)

Monitor nothing, Sheepshead Review, (2020)
Page 110 in print, Page 112 online

He agreed to love her forever, Litro, (2020)

Take a deep breath, 50 Word Stories, (2020)

Your favorite actor, NUNUM, (2020)
YOUTUBE version from Volume 2, Issue 4
INTERVIEW with JR, NUNUM, (2020)

Don’t post your current vacation on social media, Blink-Ink, (2019)

White soup bowl, The Ekphrastic Review (2019)

Slippery road, Rougarou (2019)

Homeless Joe does his job
Blind pigeons
Rare first pressing
Welcome to the ghost town, Juked (2019)

Let there be multiplication
Let there be history, TIMBER (2019)

Three walks or maybe ten:
Neighborhood walk,
Nature walk,
Grief walk, TIMSHEL: an anthology of grief and joy (2019)

Jar, Out of Stock (2018)

They shoot seahorses, don’t they? Grey Sparrow Journal (2018)

May I have this dance? The Citron Review (2017)

Voluntary, B O D Y (2017)

Tootely toot, Out of Stock (2017)

Out of Stock, Volume Nine guest editor (2017)

Not yet
Still not yet, Alice Blue Review (2015)

Robert is more than sixteen miles away, The Rumpus (2015)

Bros in situations, Out of Stock (2015)

The sound of one hand high-fiving
Auntie Pronunciation, The Boisean (2012)

An insurrection, Esquire (2009)

Today’s banjos of tomorrow, Juked (2009)

Body of Christ, Alba (2009)

Let there be porno / Don’t let there be light / Let there be decline / Let there be blasphemy, Alice Blue Review (2009)

The drought, Anemone Sidecar (2009)

The story of creation, Boise Weekly (2009)

Maybe he’ll adopt our children, Glass: A Journal of Poetry (2008)

Egg beaters, Boise Weekly (2008)