Words in different delivery systems

Three walks or maybe ten:
Neighborhood walk,
Nature walk,
Grief walk, Timshel Magazine (2018)

Jar, Out of Stock (2018)

They shoot seahorses, don’t they? Grey Sparrow Journal (2018)

May I have this dance? The Citron Review (2017)

Voluntary, B O D Y (2017)

Tootely toot, Out of Stock (2017)

Out of Stock, Volume Nine guest editor (2017)

Not yet / Still not yet, Alice Blue Review (2015)

Robert is more than sixteen miles away, The Rumpus (2015)

Bros in situations, Out of Stock (2015)

The sound of one hand high-fiving
Auntie Pronunciation, The Boisean (2012)

An insurrection, Esquire (2009)

Today’s banjos of tomorrow, Juked (2009)

Body of Christ, Alba (2009)

Let there be porno / Don’t let there be light / Let there be decline / Let there be blasphemy, Alice Blue Review (2009)

The drought, Anemone Sidecar (2009)

The story of creation, Boise Weekly (2009)

Maybe he’ll adopt our children, Glass: A Journal of Poetry (2008)

Egg beaters, Boise Weekly (2008)