All the Ewe that Fits: Review… Interview…

Canva - Shallow Focus Photography of White Sheep on Green Grass
By Kat Jayne from Pexels

In these recent wooly months, I’ve been lucky to not self-isolate. Many published materials have woven their way into the world. Great editors and readers made this possible. I’m thankful to words beyond words.

You’ll find a review of Cathy Ulrich’s Ghosts of You over at the Zest section of The Citron Review. It’s a wonderful read, re-read, and re-re-read. You will likely be transported out of your own body. The book kills. Seriously, it’s about murder.

A fresh batch of microfiction visited some lovely places like Litro, Blink-Ink and 50-Word Stories. These can be found on my home pasture, along with a wonderful chat with NUNUM. Seriously, it’s better than talking to me today, when I’m trying to figure out if planned obsolescence is looming over me. It wasn’t my plan! Nor were the puns, but I couldn’t shear them.


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